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Company Set Up
Business License - How and where to apply.
Business Plan - Learn how to write an effective Business Plan by who else - Donald Trump!
E & O Insurance - You should investigate and compare several companies as this is an important aspect of your business set-up for the best solution for your particular needs. One resource is Liability Insurance Administrators
IRS to obtain an EIN Number
SBA - Small Business Administration - Programs and Services to help you start, grow and succeed.
Credit card service - Want to be able to take charge or cash cards? This company has great service, no application fee, low rates and provides quick approvals.
Credit Report Information - Assist your client in learning more about their credit and how it affects their ability to obtain a loan.
Do Not Call List - Obtain a list of numbers on the "do not call" list before conducting any telemarketing.
Email Marketing - Got Corporation provides Campaigner, an email marketing program.
LogoBee - Logo design and corporate identity. LogoBee created the logo for America's Real Estate Academy. Our experience is that they are professional, creative, prompt, and a real value.
Photo Album - Want a FREE web-generated photo album?
Photo Story - FREE program from Microsoft - create slideshows from digital photos with special effects, sound, captions, & more!
Business and Zoning Regulations - Search local (county and city) municipal codes and ordinances FREE.
Encyclopedia - Free on-line encyclopedia that you can help create.
Lexis-Nexis - Search court decisions for FREE
Maps via Satellite - Virtual Earth, Google Maps and Google Earth - Dynamic resources to help you get around.
Newspapers - From around the world at the Internet Library.
a la mode, Inc. - Major appraisal software vendor, servicing over an estimated 50% of appraisers nationwide with the WinTOTAL software package.
Computer Classes on-line and FREE! - Hewlett Packard (HP) has some great on-line offerings and there is no charge. Learn Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe products, MySql, PHP, and many more.
Mail2Web - FREE - Check your e-mail from any computer anywhere in the world - no need to register!
Mailwasher - This incredible program let's you screen email at the server BEFORE the email gets downloaded to your computer. It is the most effective way to control unwanted e-mail. This is a "must have" program. Its inexpensive, effective, and easy to use.
OpenOffice - FREE suite of software products including a word processor, spread sheet, presentation software, and more.
Spyware Removal - FREE spyware removal software from Tucows
Webstripper - FREE program for capturing web pages for viewing off-line.
DNS Forwarding Services - AREA has two FREE services that will allow you to name your computer and get to it from anywhere even with a dynamic IP address - 2mydns and dyndns.
DNS service - FREE domain name service - allows you to host websites from home or office.
DNS updating - FREE program to update your DNS on the DNS forwarding services shown above.
Domain Name Registration - Register with AREA for the best price on domain name registration. AREA uses GoDaddy and Domain Direct for domain name registration. Both provide ease of use, value, and total control of your domain.
Search Engine Submission optimization
Submit Express - consultation, keyword research, submission, and more.
Mike's Marketing Tools - search engine submission, link popularity, and more.
Preferred Professionals
  America's Real Estate Associates, Inc. - Brokerage firm servicing Metro Atlanta area home buyers.
  Windwood Homes - Construction firm building quality and affordable homes in metro Atlanta since 1974.
  Minnesota's Real Estate Team - Looking to buy or sell a home, condo, loft, townhome, or lakeshore property in Minnesota? Interested in real estate investing? Click here to learn more about the Minnesota Real Estate Team.

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